5 FAQ’s; What to ask before purchasing your own custom logo vape pens and cartridges

When placing an order for custom vaporizer products, most companies will require the buyer to meet a minimum order quantity. As a buyer, if you purchase from an unreliable company, you can be left with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of defective batteries, leaking cartridges, and printing defects. Not only is this a huge waste of money for the buyer, it’s also a great waste of time. Being an informed buyer means that the buyer understands how the products work and has the information and resources necessary to make a confident purchase. The custom branding company should be able to direct the customer to the right decision on what type of vaporizer products and packaging they need. This benefits both the customer and the company in that they begin to build a relationship that can lead to bigger and better orders in the future. To find the right company here are a few questions to be considered when searching.

Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for a custom logo vape pen or cartridge?

Most custom branding companies require a minimum order for custom logo vaporizer products. This is due to the requirements the branding companies must meet from their suppliers of the vape products. The average MOQ for custom orders is usually no less than 1000 units for both vape pens and cartridges. Some businesses require more than 3000 units for custom branding. The best branding companies will be willing to negotiate with a buyer on their MOQ’s but may not be able to negotiate much due to the requirements they need to meet from their suppliers.

What is the shipping cost and time?

Shipping costs can be a big issue for businesses who are looking to order custom vaporizer products. Since a majority of the companies manufacturing these items are overseas it can typically cost a large sum to ship the order to the United States. Another issue to consider when shipping and receiving these products is customs. Customs can be difficult at times, potentially delaying orders and holding onto inventory that might be needed urgently. When searching for a custom branding business it is best to work with one that is in the US. In return, this will lower your shipping costs and decrease the amount of time it takes to receive an order.

Are there limitations to the design of my logo? What format does my logo need to be in?

When designing a logo for a vape pen or cartridge there are certain things to be aware of. Printing on a vaporizer battery or cartridge is different than printing onto a piece of paper. Designs that have a gradient effect will not print properly. It is suggested that all logo designs use only solid colors. The logo file needs to be in vector format, which is either .pdf, .ai, or .eps format. The best custom branding companies will have a design team that can assist a customer in creating a logo that will not only print properly on their products, but will look great on them as well.

 What is the custom order process and turnaround time for a custom logo vape pen/ cartridge order?

The turnaround time for most custom branding companies varies. For a first-time custom order, it can typically takes about 4 weeks.  The process starts with the customer ordering the products of their choosing and submitting their logo. Next, a designer will create a proof for the customer to review and approve. This process should take no longer than 2-3 days. Once the design is approved, the products will go into production. Depending on the quantity purchased this can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. It is important for the customer to understand the process and how long it will take to receive their custom logo order. The best companies will explain this to their customers and keep them updated throughout the production process.

Is there a warranty on my custom logo vape pens and cartridges?

Most custom branding companies will supply a warranty on batteries but not cartridges. Having a warranty is important for any customer when making a large quantity purchase order. For custom logo orders, we supply a 6-month warranty on all batteries and vape pens. This covers any printing defects, and defective batteries. Due to the nature of vape cartridges we do not supply a warranty on cartridges, simply for the reason that the cartridges cannot be reused or resold once they have been filled with oil.

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